The Only Solution to Orchestrate Several eWallets 

Offering multiple eWallets is the best option to reach the majority of your customers and influence the purchase decision.

PayWax is the only eWallet orchestration solution that selects the best eWallet for each of your customers.

Our Expertise and Exceptional Service

Benefit from dedicated support for the implementation and monitoring of your eWallets. 

Customise your eWallet experience according to the needs of your website. 

Have access to statistics and recommendations from our expert team on an ongoing basis.


Effortless Integration with Your Current PSP

Our technology is compatible with all CMS (including custom). We take on all the development work. 


We integrate with almost all payment service providers. 


With PayWax, you keep your payment service provider.

Compatible with all CMS

Discover PayWax in One Minute

PayWax 1 minute video explaining its product.

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